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Practical Factors To Consider When Purchasing Golf Course Real Estate

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While purchasing golf course real estate may not be any more complicated than purchasing standard real estate, there are some additional variables that must be taken into consideration before moving forward with the transaction. Before you sign on the dotted line for a beautiful golf course home, take into account the following.

Stability of the Golf Course

How long has the golf course been under its current management, and how long has the course been in its established location? Newer golf courses and golf courses that have not been under their current management for long present a risk for anyone purchasing a home on the property. Before you decide to buy a home on a golf course, find out how long that course has been in business and other details about the ownership and management.

Play Preferences

Assuming that you'll be playing golf quite a bit in your new location, the golf course you choose needs to match your play preferences. Difficulty level, topography and the seasonal conditions that the course experiences (temperature highs and lows, precipitation levels throughout the year, and others) are all factors that will influence your ability to enjoy yourself at that golf course. Study your chosen golf course over time to ensure that the location is right before finalizing the purchase.

Drought Contingency Plans

Golf courses rely on rain and sun in order to maintain beautiful green lawns. However, rainfall and sunshine can vary from one season to the next, and droughts can affect the golf course where your home is located in very negative ways. Inquire about your golf course's drought contingency plans to find out how your chosen course will weather adverse conditions, if they should arise.

Location of the House

The location of the house relative to the course will affect your lifestyle there. Homes that abut the course are closer to the green. This may seem more luxurious but does come with a lack of privacy. You'll have to turn a blind eye to golfers and caddies walking past your yard–or even in your yard, at various times.

Golf-course adjacent homes, on the other hand, involve a longer walk to the golf property and may not include the beautiful views of the course. However, course-adjacent homes may be more secluded and offer greater privacy.

All of these factors should influence the home you decide to buy. For more information and for good advice about your upcoming real estate transaction, speak with an experienced real estate agent or a company like Levitan Realty.