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House Hunting - Common Flaws To Look Beyond

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If you are house hunting on a limited budget, homes in your price range might not have all of the things that are on your wish list. Luckily there are a few common flaws that will scare away your competition that you can easily fix once you are the home owner. Here are four common flaws that a home for sale might have that you should try to look beyond.

1. Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings can make a house look like it is stuck in the past, but this isn't something that needs to be a deterrence. Home inspectors can provide information on the time period of a home, and if the ceiling is asbestos-free, this can be easily removed. Popcorn ceiling removal can be a DIY project, or done inexpensively by a contractor to update the look of your home.

2. Paint and Wallpaper

If the previous owners had unique taste in paint color or a dated look with their wallpaper choices, this can be the first thing to go. When it comes to real estate, don't judge a book by its cover. Try to see past busy patterns or bold colors that distract from the overall structure and possibilities of a potential home. Updating walls can be remedied all at once, or you can update wall-by-wall over time to match your home furnishings.

3. Aging Appliances

Other potential home buyers may be turned off by a mustard colored oven or a noisy fridge, but these can be the updated right away when you move in. The great part about moving into a home with as-is appliances is that you can pick out new ones that you really like and will be specific to your needs.

4. Unruly Landscaping

If a home for sale has little or no curb appeal, sometimes this can be a simple fix. A quick overhaul of an unloved yard can transform the outside of a home. Others might not even take a look inside and be scared off by an unkempt yard or driveway. If you can see past the weeds and envision a new look for a home, this might be worth the effort.

Factors that date a home or cause it to look shabby can scare off potential home buyers, because they don't realize how simple some updates can be. Find your diamond in the rough by looking past common factors that can scare away other potential buyers. Talk to a realtor like Brian Adamski, REALTORĀ® to learn more about finding the right kind of home based on your style and preferences.