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Four Things You Should Never Do At An Open House

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If you are beginning to look into the housing market, going to open houses might be a new part of your future weekends. There are basic do's and don'ts that you should follow when you are taking a look at homes for sale. Here are four things to avoid doing at open houses that might not be obvious to first time home buyers.

1. Don't Use the Bathroom

If you are guest in someone's home, you should feel comfortable using the bathroom. This isn't the case in an open house situation. Homes are usually in tip top shape for showing, and all areas should be open and accessible to everyone taking a look. Sometimes even the decorative soaps and towels might be on rent from professional stagers. Of course, if nature calls, ask the real estate agent if it is alright to quickly use the facilities on site.

2. Don't Snoop

While you might want to know the square footage of storage areas and closets, if an individual showing a home is still living on the property, don't snoop. Be as polite as you can and don't open drawers or bureaus or assume that you are allowed to look behind closed doors. Many times you can come back with your real estate agent at a different time to get a better sense of a home outside of an open house environment.

3. Don't Talk Badly About the Property

While you might see some properties that miss the mark as far as you are concerned, it is never okay to talk poorly about a property at an open house. You could be overheard by the owner, a neighbor, or a real estate agent. It is important to stay neutral and only say nice things about a property. It is a small world and if you change your mind about a property, you never know who will remember that you spoke poorly about their home.

4. Don't' Sit on Furnishings

Especially in staged homes, you can't really be sure what is underneath a fancy throw blanket or a well made bed. Many times stagers cut corners and can have blow-up furniture underneath covers and bedding. Don't get comfortable in an open house. Tour, ask any questions, and then move on.

It can feel intimate to be inside someone else's home, especially if you are trying to envision yourself living in the space. Try to remember that open houses are a great way for various people to see a space, but that owners are opening their home to strangers. To learn more, contact a real estate firm like RE/MAX EXECUTIVES PLUS