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4 Marketing Tips For Your Real Estate Business

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Being an independent real estate agent is a great career. You get to work with people, have the potential to make a very high income, and get to be your own boss. But when you are on your own without a large real estate company's marketing team behind you, you are solely responsible for getting new clients. Putting money and effort into your real estate marketing is crucial to the success of your business. Here are four marketing tips to try out:

Stay in Touch with Former Clients

Never overlook former clients when it comes to your marketing plan. Happy clients you've worked with in the past may use you again when they decide to sell their current home, and just as importantly they may refer you to their friends and family. Add them to your email database, follow them on social media, and periodically check in to follow up and make sure they are happy with their home.

Automate Your Social Media

You know it's important to regularly update your social media profiles, but you don't always have time and sometimes you just don't feel like it. Instead of neglecting this important marketing task, schedule a time to compose interesting and useful social media posts each week. For example, maybe Sunday is your least stressful day, so you can dedicate an hour or two on Sunday afternoons to social media. Then use a scheduling service like HootSuite to schedule your posts to appear throughout the week.

Maintain a Blog

Having a blog on your website filled with useful tips and information for homebuyers and sellers is a great way to engage your clients and potential clients. Perhaps more importantly, it is an important way to rank high in search results so that prospective clients find your website when searching for local real estate agents. If you don't have time to manage this task yourself it can be worthwhile to hire a freelance writer to compose one or two blog posts per week based around topics you assign.

Carry Business Cards Everywhere

It may not seem important, but having nice business cards made and actually carrying them with you is an essential real estate marketing tool. You never know who you're going to meet when grabbing coffee, waiting for a flight at the airport, or volunteering at your child's school. By carrying business cards with you, you can easily give your contact information to anyone who seems like they may be interested in buying or selling a home in the near future.

By incorporating these online real estate marketing tools and tips into your marketing plan, you will snag more clients and help ensure the success of your real estate business.