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4 Home Staging Mistakes

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If you are planning on selling your home, many real estate agents suggest that you stage it to help attract potential buyers. With the right staging techniques and professional help from a real estate agent, you can sell your home quickly and for the best price. Here are four home staging mistakes that you should avoid.

  1. Too Many Paint Colors: Painting each room a different color is a big mistake because, most likely, there are going to be one or two colors that potential buyers do not like and will want to change right away if they move in. This is going to require work on their end that may make them hesitant to make an offer on the home. It's best to paint each room the same neutral color because, even if the potential buyers will want to change it, neutral colors are something that can be lived with until the homeowners are ready to change it. 
  2. Pushing Furniture Against the Wall: When you are staging your home, move some of your furniture away from the wall to make the room appear more spacious. Keeping the couch away from the wall, as well as the armchairs and the dining table, will create the illusion of expansive space.
  3. Switch up the Lighting: If you didn't have table or floor lamps previously, now is the time to invest in some. The reason for this is that only using the ceiling lights is harsh. Table and floor lamps will help make the home feel more comfortable, as well. Just using overhead lighting often isn't enough. Be sure to also keep the blinds open so that more natural light is pouring in, which makes the space appear more open.
  4. Leaving Walls Bare:  You don't want to clutter your home with too much stuff, and you definitely want to take down the family photos to help potential buyers picture themselves in the space. However, you also don't want to leave the walls completely bare. Blank walls are going to enclose the space. Instead, you should consider replacing family photos on the wall with mirrors or elegant, but generally appealing, artwork. Mirrors will reflect light and make the space seem larger, and generic, nice artwork won't distract the eye.

When you avoid these four home staging mistakes, you can be sure to attract more potential home buyers, which is going to help your home sell more quickly.