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Three Tips To Help Sell A House On A Side Street

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Many people want to live on a quiet side street, but when you own a home on such a street, finding a buyer is not always as easy. You can't rely on drive-by traffic for advertising, and some potential buyers may not recognize the street's name, making them less likely to come see your home than those on more popular routes. If you want to sell your home on a side street quickly and at a good price, follow these three tips.

Put a Sign on the Main Road

While you certainly want to put a "for sale" sign in the front yard, you should also put one on the main road. Include on this sign the address of your home, along with an arrow pointing drivers in the direction of the home. If your home is a little ways down the street, you can include the distance on the sign. For example, the sign could read "4455 Burch Street; 1/4 mile on the left." 

Make sure you ask permission of the person whose yard you want to put the sign in. In most jurisdictions, you're allowed to put the sign in a patch of lawn between the sidewalk and street, since this is usually public property. However, it's still nice to ask the owner of the home closest to the sign to ensure the sign won't be in their way.

Include Directions on Advertisements

When you advertise the home, both online and in print, include basic instructions as to where the home is located in reference to a main road buyers are likely to have heard of. For instance, if your home is located on Burch Rd. right off of Main Street, you could say "conveniently located on Burch Rd., right off of Main Street." You can also instruct buyers how to reach your home from the closest highway exit or a popular destination.

Emphasize What is Close

Buyers may want to live on a quiet street, but not so far from busier areas that it takes them 20 minutes to drive to the grocery store. So, when writing your ads, be sure to list the amenities and shops that are close by, along with how long it takes to reach them.

In addition to following the tips above, make sure you work with a real estate broker who knows your area well. They can help make sure you advertise the home's most attractive features and attract the right buyers.