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Tasks To Do When Preparing Apartments For The Next Tenants

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If you own rental properties and manage them yourself, there might be some tasks you simply do not want to do or have time to do. The tasks you do not want to do probably need to be completed, and there is a great way for you to get the jobs done without doing them yourself, and this involves hiring a property maintenance company to do them. One major task you could hire a company like this to do is prepare your units for rent after a person moves out. Here are the tasks often involved in preparing units for rent.

Removing junk

While some tenants do not leave behind any of the things they owned, a lot of tenants do. In fact, some tenants will leave their units trashed when they leave, and cleaning out the junk from units can be time-consuming. If you hire a property maintenance company, they will remove the junk for you, and it will not cost you any time at all. 

Cleaning the unit

The property maintenance company will also clean the units for you, and they will deep clean every part of the apartments. This includes scrubbing plumbing fixtures, appliances, and cabinets. If there are things that cannot be cleaned, such as carpet, they may suggest replacing these items. If things like these are needed, they will handle getting the jobs done.

Performing repairs

A property maintenance company will also handle any types of repairs the units need. For example, there might be doors that do not work right or cabinet drawers that need some minor adjustments. They will do all these things, and they will do other things too, such as changing any light bulbs that do not work or repair anything else that is needed.

Changing the locks on the doors

The property maintenance company can also change the locks on the doors of the units, and this is an important thing to do after a tenant moves out. By changing the locks, you can be certain that the old tenant cannot enter into the apartment once a new tenant moves in.

If you do not have time to do these things but want your units to be nice for the next tenants, hire a property maintenance company to help you. They can do all the things listed here and more. Call a company today to learn more about the services they offer.