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How 5 Rooms In Luxury Homes Meet A Higher Standard

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When you shop for a luxury home, you can expect more than just larger square footage and a bigger property. The rooms inside should reflect a higher standard according to their individual purposes. Here are five rooms that will help you identify a true luxury property versus a regular home. 

1. Home Theater

The home theater has gained popularity as more and more people opt to enjoy their favorite cinema, television, and games from the comfort of their own homes. A home theater room, though, is more than just a converted bedroom. It should have everything from soundproofing and innovative seating to high-end technology and a great theme. 

2. Home Gym

Getting and staying fit shouldn't require you to go to a public gym nor to squeeze in a bicycle in your bedroom. Today's luxury buyers can expect a dedicated space — possibly both indoors and outside — to practice their favorite forms of exercise. You might even look for yoga or dance studios as well. 

3. Boutique Closets

The master bedroom, at least, should have more than just a large closet. Boutique closets recreate the experience of shopping in a niche boutique. They feature multiple mirrors, customized storage and display, integrated technology, great lighting, and seating. 

4. Integrated Outdoor Spaces

Rather than just being a patio tacked onto the back door, an integrated outdoor space feels like an extension of the indoor rooms. It may accomplish this through window walls, retractable roofs, cohesive design and materials, or greenery that flows throughout both areas. The outside should be just as welcoming as the inside. 

5. Spa Bathrooms

How grand do the bathrooms feel? Do they look and feel luxurious, even when if they're smaller than others? A spa bathroom is designed to mimic the experience of spending time in a relaxing spa. It may boast specialty shower systems, soaking tubs, a grand view, greenery, and natural organic materials. Even this most functional of rooms should make you breathe out and relax for just a few moments of your day. 

Where to Learn More

Luxury room trends change all the time, so to learn more about your options for luxury real estate properties, contact a local real estate agent. They will help you assess your own expectations and match them to homes in your target area. Then you can find the perfect place to call home no matter what rooms matter most to you.